Just like many others, we were invested in the (sadly) now-infamous project: Uranium Finance. Our team members all lost funds to varying degrees. After much discussion on the legendary Jessiedefi Community Telegram channel, it was evident how much we loved the original ideas and ethos of Uranium. The challenge, however, was how to best resurrect the project. Whilst we understood why the original devs decided after two exploits that enough was enough, we realized that it was only a matter of time before someone else re-launched the project. If this was eventually bound to happen — well, it might as well be us!

So it began with three founders who invited interested members of the community to form a team and give it a go. The response was overwhelming with people of all different skills, knowledge, expertise, and experience coming together to form what is now our project: ‘ShibaNova’

At the time of writing, our team consists of fourteen very committed individuals with a keen passion for DeFi and community. From this group, the three founders chose two more trusted community members to complete our leadership team: ‘The Board of Degens’ (BOD)

The team has been working very hard and, in a short amount of time, amazing things have been achieved!

The Fun Stuff

At the heart of the project, our philosophy remains the same: we wish to reward early investors by making them actual shareholders who receive dividends for their early adoption and continued loyalty. The majority of the revenues from swap fees on our DApp (75%) will be allocated towards daily dividend rewards in the Money Pot.

The name of our new tokens will be NOVA (native farm reward token) and sNOVA (dividend token). sNOVA can only be obtained by providing liquidity with the BNB/NOVA or BUSD/NOVA liquidity pairs. By holding sNOVA, investors will be able to claim their share of the daily BNB and BUSD rewards from the Money Pot.

To bootstrap our project, we plan to begin by pre-minting 70,000 tokens — 50,000 will be sold at a limited, individually-capped private presale for our team and community members at a price of $1 per NOVA. The remaining 20,000 tokens will be provided for liquidity. Aside from providing liquidity, the funds from the presale will be used towards Marketing and multiple Audits before launch. We have decided to do a Fair Launch also at a price of $1 for the NOVA tokens to start. (Launch date: TBD — stay tuned!)

The Future Stuff

This is only the beginning. Our team has a lot of unique ideas in functionality, development, and marketing for our project.

Spoiler Alert: get ready for some awesome, shiny NFTs with Super Powers!

True to our roots as a community project, our long-term vision also includes creating a DAO and incorporating more utility for our NOVA token for governance. This will empower our shareholders with decision-making influence on how to grow ShibaNova in the future!

And don’t think we want to stop with releasing just on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) — our greater vision includes bridging between various chains and truly becoming a multi-chain DeFi project!


The Security Stuff

We realize that this is of paramount importance and as such, we will not be launching before we have had at least one full audit completed by a well respected third-party company plus a review of our smart contracts in its entirety by the very reliable and trustworthy BSC Checkers. We also intend to engage in a longer and more thorough audit from one of the leaders in DeFi auditing. Additionally, we are also adding a peer review by a trusted developer of a project who shares our values and vision. Our end goal is to make absolutely certain that before we launch our project, we are doing all that we can to keep our investors’ funds SAFU!

We also want to assure the community as best we can and for this reason, two of the founders have decided to dox ourselves and commit to KYC with a reputable provider ASAP. Although we respect that others prefer to stay anonymous, we want to give our community every reason to put their confidence in our team.

The Anti-FUD Stuff

Yes, we totally get it — you lost money with Uranium and you are not happy. We ask you to please remember that we are a new team and have nothing whatsoever to do with the original Uranium project.

As such, we do not feel a responsibility to try to compensate losses other than to offer the community the opportunity to invest with us and try to make some of those losses back. We feel the best way for us to be of service to the community is to put together a solid project and put as many safeguards in place to help protect our investors.

Anything that we choose to do in the future for the victims of Uranium will be dependent on the success of the ShibaNova project. We want to continue to extend our goodwill to the community that has suffered as a result of the exploits.


The truthful answer is ‘who knows’?!

But what we can say for sure is that we are ready to put all of our combined energy and resources into this project to make it a success! We hope that some of you will choose to join us on this journey. For those of you that don’t, we get that too — and more importantly, we respect your decision. We all know that DeFi is the Wild Wild West of Crypto and we are truly in the middle of a Gold Rush to these new frontiers!

In time, we hope you will see that we are building something positive and beneficial to our most lovely community of Degens. Hop on in, the water is warm — come with us on this wild ride!

~Big Love from Team ShibaNova ❤️

Daily dividends AMM & low fee DEX on the Binance Smart Chain — shibanova.io