Recap of AMA with Toon World

This is a recap of the AMA (Ask Me Anything) with ShibaNovaDEX that took place on September 17, 2021.

Speaker: QueenOfDegens
Guest: ToonWorldMaestro

Question #1: So firstly please could you talk about ToonWorld? What is your project trying to accomplish?
Answer: Toon World project ambitious new bsc gem arriving to be ultimate creative coin and disrupt the creative economy.

Toon World Coin is creating a suite of products including a social platform where users & a focus on independent creatives across globe be able to create integrate and deploy there very own NFTs in our Alture World digital platform. In which working directly with creatives to tie some there NFTs to real assets back and secured by our platform. Our platform looks to create a place for NFTs to gain traction, value, display, and exchanged in users own unique worlds to express themselves, show support, and connect in a new social interaction powered by Blockchain technology.

The platform Alture.World is primary purpose to create more digital value to NFTs and thus give us opportunity to work with a lot of other NFT platforms to accept toon and promote NFTs from us and other platform because only through Toon World coin we’ll build a digital oasis to enjoy NFTs in more social interactive environment.

Question #2: We are committed to security — what does your project offer that is currently lacking in the crypto market now?

Answer: With such a intriguing project as ours, so many moving parts and different platforms connecting to one another. That’s just build of the platforms, the coin itself is another thing as well. So with that being said Security is of the upmost importance to us.

We’ve been spending months just doing the roadwork analyzing latest trends and technology ensuring we implement and go above to ensure we maintain by having a growing dedicated dev to check any and all weak points and ensure we keep a tight ledger of fixing any issues.

We’ve also been aligning and reaching out to various outside security companies along with our internal to maintain close loop

Question #3: Are your contracts audited yet?

Answer: We’ve done some smaller audits, but looking to do more and partner with company to provide regular audits on top our own security. We look to accomplish bigger audits after pre sale is complete

Question #4: are you KYC’D or doxxed as a team?

Answer: KYC being completed this week and we’ll our doxx begins once we have our first voice chat in only best chat next ours which is ShibaNova. Glad to be hear and speaking to everyone 💜🎉

“One of the NFTs from Toon World”

Question #5: Could you share with us your unique selling points and how your NFT’s will stand out amongst the many NFT platforms out there?

Answer: The true strength and value that exist with our project and what we are building is beyond just NFT marketplace, but more so an oasis where kore applicable use to NFTs can become realized beyond just give somewhere to buy and sell.

We do offer some marketplace value, but our true approach is being the place where after you buy and collect your awesome NFT, you can have your own Alture World to showcase share, connect, be unique, connect with creatives and other users. Besides NFT aspect our project aims to create multiple platforms under coin and covers multiple areas of creativity and entertainment.

P.S as we grow we actually look to connect and work with these other platforms to accept toon world coin and integrate ability for them to continue NFT journey as we do ours hit come together and the ultimate digital playground to enjoy all of these assets growing

Question #6: Please can you tell us some about your team and their experiences in the market?

Answer: Our team is excellent excited small group of individual with years of experience in blockchain, entertainment, financial, and just overall tech. We are committed team looking to steer up the crypto space because as we see it now a lot of scams, rugs, and just bleak hope In anything long lasting we look to change that

Best part is we are still growing and with the guidance/approval of Toon World community we’ll only get bigger and better because with project like ours it only gets better the bigger we get

P.S we are always open to bringing fresh talents of amazing dev in various areas because we intend to do it all

Toon World Logo

Question #7: How many of you are there in the team currently?

Answer: Currently the way we have it structured we have our main dev team which is 4 of us, then we have 2 small teams under us one for community interaction and engagement + devs building our platforms as we focus on bringing Toon World to front lines and letting everyone know about it

💵Tokenomics of Toon World
🏆Token supply 1 Quadrillion
🏆10% reinvestment (locked 2 years)
🏆20% creative fund(locked 1.5 years)
🏆5% Marketing
🏆10% Pre Sale (Liquidity + Audit)
🏆5% burn supply
🏆5% Charity (locked 2 years)
🏆25% Dev Wallet/Partenrship/Burn(15% lock 3 years,5% 1 year, 4% 6 months)
💸4.5% BNB REWARDS distributed to holders (rewards increase as well % as platforms release and revenue streams take effect)

Question #8: So how much tax is there total on buys/sells ?

Answer: No taxes actually. One of simple reason for that it kind defeats the idea of crypto to us in some sense.

Important as well we’ve been decorating and working on this project for months. We never saw peak crypto back in May any type of taxes truth to be told of many projects and coins.

We feel we prefer making it this way giving more access to coins and letting people be able to be apart of this and just choices overall

Question #9: What does the next 30–60–90 days look like on your roadmap? What should investors be most excited about what you’re building?

Answer: So a lot of exciting things are in store for this project. We’ve spent a lot of time working out kinks and knew very well once we start we gotta keep our community going.

1st step is pre sale then launch onto NovaDex, PCS + more.

We are going to be running a lot of exiting promos getting billboard placement, influencers are locked in and lore coming.

We will be dropping mini projects to showcase what’s to come from Alture World.

TOON WORLD COIN NFT/Physical coin giveaway. So we’ll be opening up giveaway where our community can receive our toon world NFT, plus a real toon world coin

Question #10: What split of liquidity do you plan to do between NovaDEX and pcs?

Answer: We plan on doing 50/50 — but the way the ShibaNova community is so amazing we might have to connect our dev team and maybe consider a higher end on NovaDex the future of Defi 2.0 💜🎉⭐️

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