Recap of AMA with Safu Guard

6 min readOct 20, 2021

This is a recap of the AMA (Ask Me Anything) with ShibaNovaDEX that took place onOctober 16, 2021.

Speaker: QueenOfDegens
Guest: Safuguardprotocolowner (SAFU-Guard Owner)

Part 1: Introductory Questions with QueenOfDegens

Question #1: Can you talk about SAFU-Guard? What is your project trying to accomplish?

Answer: Safuguardprotocol is trying to make Blockchain and crypto space safer while rewarding holders with BNB. We are trying to create a SAFU ecosystem of products, SAFU Marketing Firm and a massive community. All of these when rewarding our holders with BNB.

Here we certify SAFU projects and present them to community and expose scam projects when they are in early stage to save people from getting scammed specially people who are to new to crypto space. I think that’s our responsibility to change the narrative of the people who are not in crypto and make it safu for them.

Question #2: So how do you ensure that projects don’t just pay the fee to get listed then do the dirty later on ?

Answer: Yes that’s where we are different then all these giveaway accounts on twitter who don’t care whether a project is SAFU or no, they care about fee, but at safuguardprotocol we have strict process that we have to follow before Certifying project, we can not present a scam to our community, first of all, all of our work is manual , a human will look into project, there’s deep detailed analysis of the smart contract code, we look at all the functions in the code.

And make sure there’s nothing suspicious , make sure it’s not a honeypo , do they functions that can change code later on? , We look at developer wallet history, make sure they are not related to any scam.

We look at the credentials of the team , look at the website where it’s registered, is there a chance of token dump from the team(which is latest way of scam)

There are many other factors and things we look at before Certifying a project — We can not certify a scam and loose trust of our community.

Question #3: What does your project offer that is currently lacking in the crypto market now?

Answer: So back in the day lots of projects where getting hacked that’s the need of audits came to make people believe that the project won’t be easy to hack or won’t get hacked similarly these day scams after scams that’s why we need an agency/firn/project that will look.into projects and make people feel safu , it is really needed these days , that’s everyone before U of nvest in a new project ask is this SAFUGuard certified? And also an agency who will kill scams when they are just starting , that’s what we will do.

We don’t have dedicated marketing firm for crypto , we will be the first safu marketing firm which will only promote safu project , before caring about fee we will care about safety.

Question #4: Can you walk us through your tokenomics? What are the key features that your project has for diamond hands investors please?

Answer: Every buy and sell transaction is taxed ,from that 10% of every transaction is rewarded to all the holders in form of bnb , so longer U hold more bnb U get , also whenever someone applies to be safu certified they pay a fee so more projects we certify more rewards every one will.get , we except fee fully /partially in SAFUGuard tokens.

Total supply is 1,000,000,000. We gave no team tokens and aggressive marketing. Rewards are auto claimed and holders dont have to claim them. For now, to get certified with us — Fee is 1,000,0000 SAFU Guard Tokens.

Question #5: Can you tell us some about your team and their experiences in the market?

Answer: I am the founder of safuguardprotocol based in Toronto, Canada , software engineer and solidity developer , we team of specialists and volunteers who work for me in the background, I have been in the crypto market from 3 years now.

I have worked as a freelanced solidity developer before but as a founder and owner this is my first project.

Question #6: What does the next 30–60–90 days look like on your roadmap? What should investors be most excited about what you’re building?
In the first 30days, we are looking at audit done , we have already launched our crypto currency tracker app on Google Play ( and will be launching on apple’s app store. Get listed on coinmarketcap and coingecko. We will be doing aggressive marketing to build large community for our marketing firm. We are looking at atleast 100k telegram members , start Certifying safu projects and expose scams when they are just starting.

After that start working on SAFUGuard Dex, safuguard wallet. Then mainly have 3 packages for our marketing firm for safu projects which will be paid, because of that holders will get more rewards.

Part 2: Questions from ShibaNova Community

Question from Sohil D: Why #SAFU Guard choose #NovaPAD? Its a new project and what features and potential you see in #NovaPAD?

Answer: Novapad has less fees then probably every other launchpad, less fees means, more for investors. Novadex has also lower fees than pancakeswap.

Question from Yasmin: As you said “Rewards are auto claim” can you explain more about it? I mean any particular time or durations it have ? Or we can do manually also?

Answer: Rewards are auto claim and paid out every hour , but it also depends on the volume too and might take more then an hour sometimes , we will build site to claim rewards manually in the future but for now it’s only auto claim , just to clarify it’s wrapped Bnb so make sure U add WBNB in your wallet

Question from Lukaku: Hi and welcome, can you please tell me more about your team? You explained yourself but I would like some background on the others please you provided very little info there. please also expand on the ‘volunteers’ statement, what do they do and do you see them as an internal security risk?

Answer: There’s is no internal security risk , any project certified will get final look from me , all the key decisions have to be taken by and approved by the founder , volunteers are only for chat mods , for code analysis , project analysis mainly me , others are paid by me who work for me (for example graphic designer) , and also more the project grows team will expand.

Question from Happy Bagger: How much volume do you expect to run through our DEX in the first 60 days?

Answer: This one is hard to tell, hard to tell exact number , also with more marketing we might so higher volume , but it’s hard to come up to a number.

Question from Sam: What are you doing that’s different from other scam police projects such as rug doctor?

Answer: Our work is mostly manual , someone (a human) will manually go through the code manually, as far as I know they don’t manually look at the code, code is the main place where some functions are used to scam, because these everyone knows that liquidity should be locked to avoid rugs. Just because contract is verified that doesn’t mean it can’t be a scam. They also list high risk contract. We will only list safu project.

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