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Quick start up guide - basic strategies - set your expectations 🤗😍

It will cost you 100 NOVA to register your wallet and gain entry into the Novaverse to start playing the epic 4x space p2e 'Legend of Novaria'

You will first need to approve 3 contracts

  • Fleet contract - cost 0 NOVA approx 10 cents BNB
  • Treasury contact - cost 0 NOVA approx 10 cents BNB
  • Register and create your player ID - 100 NOVA and approx 60 cents BNB

Your 100 NOVA registration fee not only gives you entrance to the NovaVerse but also the Empire kindly gives you 25 moles (essential for mining the precious NOVA) and 25 vipers (good for protection of you mining ships) which is enough to get you started on your mission to colonize and conquer Novaria.

Things to consider -

  • Every action taken in Legend of Novaria is recorded on chain — this means that you will need sufficient BNB to cover the associated gas fees - there are useful infos regarding average BNB gas fees can be found here for you to do your own calculations
  • To be able break even on NOVA fees and BNB gas fees it is recommended that you have at least 50 moles to be able to mine enough mineral to cover travel costs and mining fees
  • This is a play to earn game that is based on strategy, calculations and human psychology rather than luck and volume of clicks and buys —
  • This game is not about finding NFT’s and trading with other players however it is all about collaborating with other players aka investors so that you can maximize your odds at being successful together - this is Peer to Peer (P2P) gaming in the truest sense
  • You can be successful as a small space dolphin if you team up, likewise whales can be successful too - but there’s a catch, the bigger you get the more tasty you start to look to the many smaller fish aka piranhas which is why it is important for whales to collaborate with piranhas and keep each other safe
  • This is a game, there are no guarantees, and because of the complexity of never seen before game mechanics, there are many possible strategies which may or may not be successful depending on how others are playing the game - this is like a game of chess, set in space, with the potential for thousands of players !
  • Alliences are key - the Empire has kindly created a channel on their discord server HERE where you can reach out to other players and connect to form your own teams - make use of it and start collaborating to play and earn together
  • There are protections in place for smaller wallets - for an attack to be initiated the attacker must be no more than 4x bigger or smaller than the fleet they are attacking - once the attack is started either side has 1 hour to recruit their friends to either fight with them or defend them (and this is why strong alliances are so important)
  • Exploring is relatively expensive but can be very profitable if you find a shipyard where you can set your own fees that people will have to pay you to use your yard to build their ships
  • Gaining experience points (XP) is important, it will unlock better ships and give you other benefits like travel discounts
  • Asteroids can be mined once every 20 minutes where planets can only be mined once every 60 minutes - salvage from battles can be collected once every 12minutes though !!


  1. Q - Why do we have to pay BNB gas for every move
    A- Because this is a truly fair and transparent game, everything is recorded on chain and therefore is always completely protected from cheating - it is also our ambition to eventually renounce ownership of these contracts and effectively give this game to the community - this is true decentralisation
  2. Q - can I use multiple requests to run multiple fleets
    A - yes absolutely, and there are many evolving strategies incorporating the use of multi wallets
  3. Q - can I change my name once I have registered
    A - No! Choose wisely !!
  4. Q - how do the battle mechanics work - the player(s) with highest attack power wins ?
    A - A - It’s a little more complicated. The attack power gets distributed among the players and ships based on total size, then the shields kick in. if the distributed attack power is greater than the shield, it destroys the ship. So, if I have 100 vipers with 100 attack, and you have 50 vipers (50 size) and 50 moles (100 size), 66 of my viper attack gets sent to your moles, and 33 sent to your vipers. So, the vipers each have 3 shield, so you would lose 11 vipers (33/3) to my 33 viper attack damage. Your moles have 5 shield each, so you would lose 13 moles (66/5) to my 66 viper attack.

Points to consider:

  • Traveling further reduces the total travel cooldown, but costs more than taking multiple smaller jumps
    For example, traveling 4 AU distance with 500 fleet size costs 8 nova and 1hr45min cooldown. But, traveling 2 AU twice (4 total) costs 4 nova and 2hr30min cooldown

Comments from our hive minded cyborgs aka the devs:

Having an escape period in battles is something we also thought a lot about. Like, we almost made something really complicated where like for the first 30 minutes, you could leave a battle. Then, attackers could only join for the first 30 minutes and defenders could join for the full hour. There were a bunch of ideas thrown around, and we though as much as possible about how the system could be gamed.

It was a big worry for us that people would get stuck in battles (like you worry about). However, unless the two players are pretty far out by themselves, it's almost never profitable to keep attacking someone where there are a bunch of other players around. Either the other players will suck up the scrap before the player locking someone in attacks can get it, or the other players may see opportunity in joining the battle themselves. Since it usually wouldn't be profitable to lock someone in battle, it generally won't happen. Now, there could be some malicious player that wants to sacrifice 100's or 1000's of nova just to pin you down, but again, if someone does that to you, it's very possible for you (or a friend) to profit.

The upside, is that this also allows smaller players opportunities to take larger players out of the game for certain times. Like, if you're trying to safely mine an asteroid with a group of smaller players, but there's a large player nearby, you can send a player to lock down the larger fleet while the rest of the group mines the asteroid. So, this feature is beneficial to both larger and smaller players.

Remember this is just the beginning, our very clever Cyborg devs still have myriad ideas and features they are planning to add including power ups and new ships and new evolving map ideas. Our amazing design droids have so much digital artwork to add to the UI it is dizzying.

We hope you enjoy your time in the NovaVerse that we have created and we look forwards as always to y your feedback as we evolve this metaverse together.

Thank you for being part of the journey 🤗

The boring disclaimers from our non legal department - DYOR, none of this constitutes financial advice, invest widely, DEFI is bleeding edge technology and you can make money very quickly and you can also lose it very quickly too - never invest what you mind losing - always understand the risk rewards ratio that is right for you !

About ShibaNova / Legend of Novaria:

Instagram: @ShibaNovaDEFI @LegendofNovaria
Facebook: @ShibaNovaDEFI

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