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QueenOfDegens reaching out to marketing agencies !!

This is an impromptu medium that is simply an email response to a genuine marketing agency the purpose being to get some decent marketing agency support — I realised that there’s some important ideas and concepts in here so it was worth publishing to keep our loyal Shibanovians informed as much as a reference point for potential genuine and decent marketers that may want to work with us — this is a very recent response to one marketing agencies request for more information -

Hey xxxxxx (name redacted to preserve confidentiality),

We are a well established team with a successful DEFI project that has been running on BSC since August last year exploit free! We have been audited by Peckshield amongst other auditors.

We are passionate about security and genuineness as our team comprises individuals from the defi community that loved defi but hated the scaminess and general low quality projects that proliferate defi currently.

We are a small team of 9 very enthusiastic, talented and genuine people who have a vision to bring a new standard to defi -

We have certainly had our hurdles but have survived and are now beginning to thrive as we've cut our teeth and proved that we are here for the long term.

We have our own DEX and router (no we don’t use PCS and in fact see them as the competition although this is certainly a David versus Goliath at the moment - we are David obviously but we all know how that story ended right!) We also give 75% of all fees earnt in our ecosystem back to our investors who are out loyal liquidity providers who literally become share holders of ShibaNova.

Our long term vision is to become a DAO and our sNOVA holders will ultimately become the true owners of ShibaNova.

We have a small but very loyal following and we wish to grow.

We have our finger on the pulse of the direction of DEFI which at this point in time is definitely gamefi - or P2E

Our very talented devs have created a next level/generation P2E with massive P2P mechanics that we believe is the most complex and interesting gaming dynamics ever seen in the P2E niche - we do not use NFT’s at all because that has been done to death and we feel that it’s a bit of a gimmick by this point that investors are wising up to - instead what we have developed a game which is fun/addictive to play just for the game itself - it relies on strategy, intelligence and actually encourages and promotes community collaboration and cooperation to win. Of course this is p2e at its finest and for those that can use their intelligence and cunning to strategize the earning potential is great !

The best description of Legend of Novaria is - "it’s like the old school strategy game Battleships in space, with aspects like the 'Hunger Games’, 'Game of Thrones’, and elements of 'The Purge' to make things really interesting 😂 that said it is definitely family friendly and anyone can play - if you like chess you’ll definitely love Legend of Novaria" - we have masses of back story and lore for the enthusiasts of that kind of thing but you don’t need to know so this to play at the simplest level -

Our discord already has a lot of info there that you can see how this is beginning to build and the story unfold

We also have amazing graphics artists working on the team so things look very stunning - here’s our first promo video -

Our gaming dynamics all feed into our ecosystem which is designed to create a sustainable positive feedback loop to ensure positive price action of our native token NOVA - players will need NOVA to pay fees in Legend of Novaria to use as fuel for all in game actions - the rewards are also paid in NOVA - because of our tokenomics on NOVA token each and every transaction results in a 2% burn of NOVA - currently our emissions are set at a very modest 0.3 NOVA per block - it is hard coded in our contacts that these emissions can never ever increase - only decrease - now with the expected volume that people playing LoN will create we envisage that it is not long before NOVA actually becomes deflationary - we have stabilized our price for several months - we found the true floor around 8 - 9 cents per NOVA - we are currently trading at just over 30 cents but before the market correction this past week or so NOVA price did increase to 46 cents - this is all without marketing and just our faithful community getting excited about the launch of LoN and buying NOVA in preparation. We still believe that the price of NOVA is very very undervalued for what we have developed.

Our MC right now is sitting at around $0.5m which is tiny when you realise the scope of ShibaNova - we plan to go cross chain after launch of LoN and we also have our own tried and tested launchpad. We are certainly not a one trick pony!

I hope you’ve managed to get an understanding of our project and my essay hasn’t presented you with too much of a 'text wall' as our lovely devs call them 🤣

I’m going to be very honest with you, at this point in time our budget for marketing is very small - however if we get even 1% of axie Infinity MC we will have at least at 75x on NOVA price from here. Now no offence to axie infinity, we love them and think that have done a great job - but so far in our alpha testing our testers have reported that our game is much more complex, fun and addictive than anything they’ve ever seen before . So I really think that 1% of axies $3b MC is entirely realistic and actually rather conservative when you look at the whole package we have here.

What we are looking for is a decent marketing company to help us now to reap the rewards with us as we inevitably grow - we have plenty of water - we need the skills of a decent wrangler to bring the horses to our veritable mountain spring fed fresh water sea where we are sure they will want to stay and drink for the long term!!

We are open to any terms and negotiations and hope that we can have a long and fruitful working relationship with you.

We do have a very experienced digital marketer on board ; what we really need now is influencers and decent advertising opportunities.

Do you think you could help us? Would you like the opportunity to work with a project from the ground up that has the potential to flip both PCS and Axie Infinity but at the very least to go toe to toe with them!! Bold statements I know but we are a team born from the community, building for the community - we have a clear vision and we understand first hand exactly what the community wants - decentralised and fair systems that rewards the actual people on the ground floor rather than rewarding the super rich VC's that are most often behind these kind of ventures.

Please do let me know if this is something you would like to be involved with. I’m more than happy to get you into our closed beta so you can see first hand what we have developed - if beta testing runs smoothly we expect to be launching LoN to the public in the first weeks of March 2022 🤗

It’s probably worth noting that we are a fully doxxed team and myself and our DOO have no problems being interviewed on camera — in fact we are planning to live stream regular AMA’s from our own YouTube channel!

Kindest regards,
Jessica (CEO of ShibaNova)




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