NovaPAD is ready for LiftOff!

We are excited to announce the newest, most exciting launchpad on #BSC: NovaPAD by ShibaNova!

NovaPAD is our most ambitious project to date!

NovaPAD is the launchpad re-DeFi-ned!

We are offering the most robust quality and improved user experience compared to the competition like DxSale & PinkSale. What’s more, our launchpad and value-added services also cost more than 50% LESS than our competitors!

We offer projects and project leaders a highly customizable solution — meaning you can set how many rounds of presale you want, set the specific number of presalers, set or adjust hardcaps, and much more! When all other launchpads offer a one-size-fits-all model, we tailor our launchpad according to the needs of each individual project!

NovaPAD also offers a ton of addittional benefits including:

  • Free Whitelisting
  • Flexible Liquidity Locking — meaning projects can allocate more funds out of their presale towards marketing and advertising!
  • Anti-BOT solutions — no need to release contract address pre-launch
  • Anti-RUG mechanisms through their community vetting
  • Dedicated Technical and Dev Support — who will ensure a successful presale
  • As an added bonus: ShibaNova will provide full marketing support with AMAs and social media advertising that extends to their over 25,000 social media followers!

What we’ve learned while building out our launchpad is that most projects need as much support and added guidance throughout the pre-launch and post-launch process. This is why we built NovaPAD to offer such hands-on support from a dedicated team like ShibaNova!

That over 50% of launches on DxSale and PinkSale and Unicrypt FAIL?

DxSale, PinkSale, Unicrypt, even PancakeSwap — they offer no additional services for projects to launch on their platforms. And this lack of support makes it easy for projects to have unsuccessful launches or worse, for bad actors to easily launch scam projects!

NovaDEX aims to change this!
By offering more hands-on support and backing up our expertise with marketing and dedicated Dev and Technical support, we will not only increase success rates for presales BUT we will also launch vetted projects that DeFi investors can truly get excited about!


In honor of our NovaPAD launch, we are also rolling out our First10 Contest!
We have a prize pool of 1,000 $NOVA tokens — the community members to successfully refer one of the first 10 projects to launch on NovaPAD will share in the prize pool! To enter, hop on our Telegram: and fill out our Google sheet! (*and feel free to reach out to our mod team for questions!)

NOW, how does NovaPAD benefit NOVA and sNOVA holders?

Great question! NovaPAD rounds out our 2 core products — NovaDEX and NovaPAD! Both NovaDEX and NovaPAD are designed to bring in revenue for the ShibaNova platform through transaction fees.

NovaPAD benefits our NOVA and sNOVA holders by helping to increase visibility and utility of our project and tokens amongst the greater BSC ecosystem.

Additionally, NOVA and sNOVA holders will get priority whitelist access to projects being launched on NovaPAD!

Finally, 75% of all fees generated through the use of NovaPAD will be added to the daily Money Pot! This also includes tokens from all projects, which will also be distributed to sNOVA holders through the Money Pot!

Team ShibaNova is beyond excited to share these news — and even more excited to provide an amazing product that will benefit the DeFi world and transform how projects get launched on BSC!

The question is: Who will be the first project to launch on NovaPAD?!?!



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