Legend of Novaria walkthrough and BNB gas fees

This guide aims to walk you through how to play Legend of Novaria and give some rough estimates for BNB gas fees, remember that BNB fees can go up and down according to congestion on the network and are not controlled by ShibaNova.

It is also important to remember that wallet applications like Trust, Math and Meta Mask like to quote the maximum amount of gas which is usually much higher than the actual amount of gas used - always check bscscan to get a clear understanding of how much gas you agree actually used.

approve fleet contract

Approve treasury

Set your player name (can only be done once, choose wisely!)

Build your fleet

Claim max ships




Join attackers

Resolve battle


Gas fees comparison

THIS IS A WIP - hold tight whilst we get everything in here 🤗

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QueenOfDegens looooong version

Sam’s TL;dr: quick start

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