Legend of Novaria: The Next Evolution of P2E Crypto Gaming

5 min readMar 7, 2022


We are excited to announce that the ShibaNova team is ready to start the BETA Testing stage on our soon-to-be released P2E game, Legend of Novaria on Monday, 7 March! In this stage, our team and a select crew of friends/family/community members will be spending long hours searching for bugs in both the game itself and the UI to ensure that LoN is in tip top shape before our public launch ~ we are tentatively penciling in 17th March for our public launch so long as everything runs smoothly for beta.

As we are only a couple of short weeks out from the release of Legend of Novaria (LoN), we wanted to lay out some of the key features that we believe is going to set our game apart from the rest of the crypto-gaming space!

The Legend is Born
As our team excitedly began collaborating on the concept for LoN, we wanted to create not only an immersive world for our gamers but also build off of the existing framework of the most successful crypto gaming projects. Whereas most P2E games such as Axie Infinity are built primarily around NFTs to be used in more traditional gaming systems, Legend of Novaria is built, transacted, and played entirely on the blockchain! This means that every in-game transaction is visible on the blockchain, which makes it public, fair, and immutable. It is truly revolutionary as it has never been done in all of crypto!
(Out talented dev team has spent the last several months customizing every new line of code — they have built something extraordinary from scratch!)

For LoN, everyone’s transactions are visible to everyone else and, as whales begin to accumulate ships and fleets, other players can team up to “battle” the whales in order to prevent them from acquiring too many assets and controlling the game (or worse, dumping assets on the little guys!) Thus, we aim to make a sound foundation of fairness — whether you are a small fish or a large whale.

Additionally, we wanted to create an ever-expanding metaverse — our very own NovaVerse. Our Star Map expands to all known and unknown corners of the NovaVerse — the possibilities are endless! If our gamers can imagine it and find the asteroids, wormholes, and planets to explore, the sky is truly the limit. This gives our gamers the ability to customize not only their fleets but also the adventure that they will set out on. In the future, our gamers will even have the ability to customize their own UI or share/trade with other community members. We empower YOU to create your own adventure!

Further, our devs have designed is so that once it is deployed, the game can continue to be played forever, without our team having “control” over the future evolutions of the game. It is as decentralized as possible — as DeFi ought to be!

P2E…but better!
When gamers are trying to figure out whether or not to play any crypto games, they ask 2 main questions:

a. Is the game fun or engaging?
b. Can I make some money?

With these in mind, we wanted to transform the experience that most crypto gamers have come to expect: buy NFTs, play game, NFTs become valuable, sell NFTs, dump the price of the project’s token, and move onto the next game. With Legend of Novaria, all in-game purchases and transactions are transacted with our native token NOVA. All in-game prizes and earnings are also paid out in NOVA — thus when the game is fully operational, all gamers need to acquire NOVA to play the game. In turn, this will drive the price of NOVA as the demand increases along with the game’s popularity!

Can this be profitable? Absolutely! Not only will gamers be able to “mine” NOVA from planets and asteroids that you explore, the P2P or multi-player battles in-game can also be very fruitful if you are victorious as the spoils of conquest ie the scrap from the destroyed ships (read: more NOVAs) will be available to collect by the winning gamers! At the time of writing, there are already alliances being built amongst community members, which takes the strategy for winning LoN to a whole ‘nother level! We introduce the idea of ‘social gaming’, not only strategic but collaborative too — it will certainly make sense to build relationships with other players and work together to win. We already have a section on our Discord server dedicated to creating a space where people can connect with potential team members!

Legend of Novaria was created with our community in mind! We did not short cut any parts of this game — we aimed to deliver a comprehensive experience by envisioning the entirety of this expansive NovaVerse rich with history and lore! Die hard gamers immerse themselves in the backstory of the games they play as if they are part of that world! LoN will inspire the same loyal fandom from our community not just because they can make some money in the game but also because at the end of the day, learning and co-creating this new world is just damn fun!

Great question! If you’ve been around ShibaNova long enough, you know that the answer to that question is “When the game is 100% ready for prime time!” Our team has always prided ourselves in putting out products that we can fully stand behind. Whilst we have stayed very close to our internal timeline, we want to make certain that LoN has gone through rigorous Alpha and Beta testing to uncover any bugs that we can fix beforehand. Please make sure to subscribe to all of our official social media channels, particularly our Discord, Telegram, and Twitter, to get the most up-to-date information about launch. For the time being, please help us spread the word about Legend of Novaria — we can’t wait for all Novarians near and far to join us on a mission to the stars!

Please also watch out for our next more technical Medium in which we will answer all of your questions regarding game mechanics and technicalities, stay tuned ~!✨

About ShibaNova / Legend of Novaria:

WEB: www.Shibanova.io
Discord: https://discord.gg/d7KKKs79YN
Telegram: T.me/ShibaNovaDEX
Instagram: @ShibaNovaDEFI @LegendofNovaria
Facebook: @ShibaNovaDEFI




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