Legend of Novaria: The Greatest Crypto MMO Game FAQ — Part 1

This will be the first of a multi-part series about our upcoming Legend of Novaria game.

What is Legend of Novaria?

LoN will be a space themed MMO game where every player will control a fleet of ships that can be used for missions such as mining NOVA from planets, pirating NOVA from other players, fighting other players, etc. Players will have the opportunity to coordinate with other players for attacking and defending, eventually having the ability to create alliances and factions.

We have also created a fun story around LoN and the first act is called “The Struggle”. There will also eventually be a few solo player missions to allow individual players to become more immersed in the game before joining the larger multiplayer universe.

Is Legend of Novaria (LoN) Going to Replace ShibaNova?

While LoN may grow in popularity and include many updates, it is not being pushed to replace the Dex element of ShibaNova. Likewise, the core mission of ShibaNova has not changed. Our goal will continue to be building liquidity on our DEX and rewarding our sNova hodlers. However, the team has no intention of putting any limit on how far this game can expand since, due to its core mechanics, the possibilities for improvement are endless.

How are the Rewards Created and Replenished?

Planet rewards and other rewards will come from emissions and the treasury. The USD value of the rewards will vary based on the NOVA price, but the game will continue to function regardless of that price or of the number of new users entering the economy and there will always be rewards that can be gained. However, due to its inherent competitive nature, there will be winners and losers and the more strategic players (not just in game execution but also in team building) will be the most successful. The planet rewards will continue to grow/replenish by a % of NOVA emissions.

All NOVA used for purchases will go to the following: 60–90% (still undecided on specific %) will go to the moneypot for sNOVA holders and the rest will go to the Treasury. NOVA in the treasury will be used for additional in game rewards.

Will the farms change?

As we get closer to launching LoN, there will be some farm restructuring. We might remove some of the farms and lower the reward amounts as we build up NOVA for the planets.

What will be the economy of LoN?

NOVA will be the currency of LoN. All purchases such as ships, fuel, etc. will require NOVA.

Who is on the team?

The team is: Queen, Sam, Nate, Koray, Chris, Andy, Anneli, and Amara. We are all very excited about the upcoming update and most of us are full-time.

Wen Moon?

Our goal is to release the first Act of LoN early Q1 2022. We will continue to put out information, screenshots and trailers frequently as we develop and prepare for the release.



Each player will have one fleet composed of a single capital ship and many smaller ships such as fighters and miners. The smaller ships will have a variety of attributes (attack, armor, size, cargo capacity, etc) that make up a ship’s capabilities and more types of ships will be made available as the game progresses. We will begin with two ship types, a “miner” ship type and a “fighter” ship type.


There will be 1 home planet and 3 reward planets in our starting solar system.

The home planet (Haven) will be where a player builds their fleet, refines NOVA and prepares for action.

A “reward planet” is a planet that accumulates rewards that can be mined by fleets with miners or other ships that have NOVA capacity. The NOVA will continue to grow on that planet until it is mined. The reward planets will be various distances from the home planet.


Mining will be available at each reward planet. When a fleet arrives at a reward planet, it will have the option to mine one time. When the “mine” button has been clicked, a fleet will mine as much NOVA capacity as it has, but not more than the planet has available.


When a fleet is ready to travel to a reward planet, it will need to purchase fuel based on its fleet size and the distance to the planet. Once fueled, a planet may be selected and pre-launching will commence.

PvP!!, Wen Combat?, How Combat?

I initially typed out a detailed description of these mechanics, but after deep consideration and due to their level of innovation, I’ve decided to wait until the game is further along before releasing these details.

Legend of Novaria, Act I: The Struggle

The Draken forces have been repelled, but humanity has been left in desolation. All NOVA refineries have been destroyed which has stifled manufacturing and technology. Families are starving, and with the death of most of the rebellion leaders, a power vacuum has been created.

In a last ditch effort to begin rebuilding, almost all of the rest of the resources were collected to build a single NOVA refinery at our home planet, Haven. This allows NOVA that is collected on that planet to be immediately refined and distributed to all in need. It will also serve as a launching point to other planets for further NOVA retrieval.

However, not all is peaceful. With most of the leaders killed or MIA, rifts have developed. Although peace still remains at Haven, there are sinister whispers of treachery and conflict just beyond the horizon!

-Sam (please note that all game images and details are subject to change)




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