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Legend of Novaria Bible (The Gospel according to QueenOfDegens 👸✨)

Sam’s TL;dr: version here

In the beginning…

In the year 2246, explorers discovered the ruins of an ancient race known as the Draken on planet CETRUS 22B. After discovering these ruins, the explorers unearthed the secrets of Draken’s technology – along with their evil plans of conquering the entire universe and sucking the life out of each and every planet they come across!

After the discovery of the technology used by Draken to refine NOVA, humanity created a legendary ship called Novaria and they lived peacefully to explore their domain!

Years later, Draken forces found the explorer’s stronghold and vowed to vanquish all of humanity. The explorers fought valiantly but they proved to be no match against the ruthless Draken! After their defeat, the Draken forced the rest of humanity to live like slaves, bowing to the will of the Draken.

But the human spirit is strong and the explorers refused to live in shackles any longer. In a suicide mission, ex-Commander Jane “Hatchet” Williams stole the legendary ship Novaria and started an uprising against Draken forces. Many lives were lost but humanity ultimately regained their freedom!

The explorers built 3 big armadas to protect themselves from the Draken: Minera, Seeker, and Rykan.

Ex-commander Hatchet went rogue on a retaliation mission on Draken forces and that’s where we last heard about Novaria. Now, explorers are on a new quest - to start expeditions to find Novaria, infiltrate the Draken stronghold through covert missions, and eventually bring the fight to them!

Fundamental Game Concepts:

ShibaNova is a community DEFI project which was built by the community for the community after we realized that we loved DEFI but hated the proliferation of scammers and unfairness from the large investors continually deficating (pun intended) all over the smaller investors in this space.

We wanted to create something fair, honest, and genuine with integrity at its roots. These values stand just as strongly in Legend of Novaria.

Now please don't get us wrong, we are not yet another project that hates all whales. In actuality, projects like ShibaNova need the whales' liquidity flowing through our contracts to help us grow so that everyone can profit. So then the puzzle is how to attract these whales whilst trying to protect the smaller more vulnerable investors from some of their more troublesome behaviour and the rather large waves they can cause.

This is where Legend of Novaria was born! The idea that everyone can participate in a P2E strategy game that actually promotes what we call 'social gaming' where smaller fish can shoal together and either work with friendly whales who are being good community members by earning and investing rather than pumping and dumping (or draining rewards and dumping!) or creating social justice for those now nefarious killer whales - 1 killer whale is no match for a hundred dolphins, that's for sure!

Social justice ~ we give the power back to the people if they can unite ! ~ ofc if a whale is Benevolent and helpful to the community, they are fast more likely to survive and thrive as they will earn trust and fealty from the community, if not, well we shall see……..

We have some amazing devs (aka the cyborgs) who are passionate about creating strategic games - Legend of Novaria has been created to be fun to play, engaging and intellectually fascinating, and financially rewarding for those who want to really take time to understand the mechanics. This game is about skill not luck. Legend of Novaria breaks the mold with everything that has been seen before in the rapidly growing crypto gaming niche. We are not based around buying NFT’s or being rewarded with them. There is very little luck involved in being successful in the game. Everything in the game exists purely on the BLOCKCHAIN meaning everything that everyone does is transparent and observable. For BLOCKCHAIN detectives, we have made it easy to follow wallets and see exactly what they are doing (ie, are particular players growing and investing or are they draining and dumping?)

Our Discord server has a dedicated channel geared towards people connecting with each other and forming alliances. We have another channel to introduce later which will be for 'hired guns' -YES, you will be able to offer the services of your mighty fleets to the highest bidder to either fight for their recruiter or defend them.

Of course this opens up all sorts of intriguing ideas: spies, double agents, mercenaries, mutinies, you name it, it can happen in LoN!

Now for all you number junkies, I will end with how fees and rewards are calculated for the game:

70% of fees go to the Money Pot (split 25/75 team/sNova holders)
30% remaining is for maintaining in-game rewards like minerals on asteroids that will be refined into NOVA.

When you build ships, 40% of the ship’s cost is reserved for salvage (what is created when blowing up ships), then the remaining is split up like the normal fees. This is to make sure that we are creating a sustainable pool of rewards for all players of LoN!

Now - tooooo Valhalla and skal 🍺

The ABC’s of Legend of Novaria:

Fleet - you have a basic fleet size of 5000 different ships take up varying amounts of space - Gorians have the special ability to increase your maximum fleet size by 200 for every 1 Gorian on your fleet

Cooldowns - the amount of time you must wait to mine again or travel again (remember this is a strategy game so think carefully!)

Travel = 45 mins plus the distance in AU X 1 mins - so if you were to do a 3 AU space hop then your cooldown would be 1h 30 mins


Planets = 30 mins

Asteroids = 10 mins

Salvage (collecting) = 6 mins

Astronomical Units (AU) - the measurement of distance in the NovaVerse

Travel - You can only travel a maximum of 6 AU and then you will need to rest until the travel cooldowns has expired before you can travel on (see cooldown timelines above)

Travel Cost = travel cost: .001 * distance^2 * fleetSize - the bigger your fleet = the more powerful you become, the more moles you have = the faster you can mine the precious minerals, and the more capacity you will have to carry it. However, the larger the fleet, the more it costs to travel with your fleet.

Planets - these have precious minerals that you’d want to mine. These minerals get replenished over time.

Asteroids - like planets, these also have minerals to mine. These asteroids can be mined 3X faster than planets!

Salvage - after battles, destroyed ships leave plenty of minerals to be salvaged. These salvage “minerals” can be 'collected' 5X faster than mining a planet!

Wormholes - you can travel through these and get access to far out places in the NovaVerse

Explore - this is an expensive endeavor but can be very rewarding! You can explore up to 2 AU's from where you are on the map. A yellow dot represents an unexplored part of the NovaVerse.

Shipyards - if you find a planet with a shipyard on it, you will be able to claim it and set a fee for other people to come and build ships there. If you are lucky to find this rare commodity, you will have 1 week grace period before anyone else (and their fleet) can attack you and try to take over your shipyard. If you are brave enough to claim the shipyard, you will need to be prepared to defend it or risk losing it in battle!

Ships -

Vipers - small, cheap, and quick to build! If you have a big fleet of them, they can be devastating! They cannot mine minerals and cannot carry minerals.

Moles - these are the workhorses of your fleet! You need these to be able to mine and collect precious minerals and carry them back to a refinery.

Fireflies - these bad girls have a sting in their tail! Be wary of any captain who has many fireflies in their fleet! Fireflies are huge and have room for carrying much more precious cargo of minerals as you find it.

Gorians - these behemoths are devastating! They can also bend time & space and allow you to expand your maximum fleet size by 200 for each Gorian you own. They are huge, expensive, and take a very long time to build!

More ships to come……

Power - this is an indication of how powerful your fleet is during combat

Shields - these will give you defensive power against would-be attackers

Mining Power - the rate at which you can mine minerals between cooldowns

Mineral Capacity - the maximum load of minerals you can carry before having to find a refinery to process your minerals into previous NOVA!

Refineries - these are safe zones in Novaria. They employ powerful Dracon technology that ensures that all military equipment is deactivated and completely harmless ensuring no power crazed warlady can go rogue and destroy the precious refinery equipment that is essential to keep the economy of Novaria fluid. Refineries are demilitarized zones and are not only good for extracting the precious NOVA from the mineral you have obtained but also create a safe haven to dock your fleet when the captain needs sleep! (Sleep is not recommended during warfare or even essential, if you listen to QueenOfDegens 😅)

XP = Experience Points - for every NOVA you spend you will add an extra XP point. XP is very useful as it unlocks more advanced ships that you can buy for your fleet. At 1000 XP, you get a 1% reduction on your travel fees. This reduction in travel fees also increases linearly after 1000 XP.

Battles - you can initiate a battle with anyone who has a fleet size that is at least/most 4x the size of yours

Join attackers - anyone can join the attackers

Join defenses - anyone can join the defenders

Resolve - from when an attack is initiated there is a 1-hour wait period to allow defenders the opportunely to raise their armies to fight back. Likewise, attackers can raise more troops to help them in the battle. Anyone can press the “resolve battle” button when it becomes live after 1 hour. During the break, the damages are allocated accordingly. The maths is very complicated but as a general rule of thumb the side with the most combined power will usually win, however there are many other factors that can limit damage and protect the vulnerable smaller fleets like shield power and xp

Salvage - defeated ships leave behind mineral which can be collected at 5X the speed of normal mining. This means that successful battles can be very rewarding for the winners!

Walkthroughs and approx BNB gas fees for associated actions here

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble:


Here's a useful article written by our friends at Binance Academy which will walk you through buying BNB and moving it onto Binance Smart Chain where ShibaNova currently resides (More chains coming soon!)

Next, head over to ShibaNova’s NovaDEX to buy NOVA. Check out our resident YouTuber @cunnycrypto’s video on how to do this here:


Be aware to always ensure you have sufficient BNB in your wallet to cover gas fees. Because Legend of Novaria (LoN) exists entirely 'on chain' and we run on top of BSC, you will need to pay gas fees in BNB for every in-game transaction! We have ensured that rewards paid in NOVA can easily cover BNB gas costs so long as you are playing the game strategically! You need to make sure that your strategy ultimately means that you will be able to mine and transport more minerals than you will be spending on gas.

STEP 1. Click on the NOVARIA tab at the top of the page. There you will be directed to approve the “fleet contracts” as well as the “treasury contracts”. These initial transactions cost about $0.10 each to process.

STEP 2: Choose your player name which will be linked to your public wallet address and shown in the LoN UI. This can only be done once and cannot be changed once chosen - choose wisely!

CONGRATULATIONS! You are officially in the game! Have a look around the UI and make yourself at home in the NovaVerse!

NOTE: You will notice if playing on mobile and within most well known wallet apps (eg - trust, meta mask, math etc) you will be stuck in portrait mode - we have optimized the UI for mobile dapp browsers and portrait view but you may get a better experience by playing on a tablet/laptop or using wallet connect to play in your preferred browser on mobile which will then allow you to auto rotate and view landscape mode on your mobile.

Now you can start building your fleet! Build according to your strategy then collect your ships and go to the star map to select your destination! You can fly to your first destination to start mining or preparing for battle, whatever suits your character and strategy best!

The Shipyards:

The second tab will take you straight to The Shipyards

From here, you can start ordering and building your fleet. You can only have 1 open order per shipyard at any one time. Once you start building your ships, you will have to wait a set amount of time for all of them to be built. Once the building is complete, you can then come back to the shipyard to gather your new fleet. You can order ships from any shipyard at any time regardless of your location on the map but you will need to be at the particular shipyard to collect them. Once you have collected your newly-built ships, you are once again free to start building new ones.

You need a fleet size of more than 25 ships to be able to travel on the map. If you ever end up with less ships whilst you are on the map, you will be able to travel back to Haven for free to buy new ships for your fleet!

Vipers and Moles are available to buy from the beginning of the game. You will need moles to be able to collect the precious minerals that you will later want to refine into your shiny new NOVA.

Fireflies require you to have at least 100 xp before you can build it.

Gorians require you to have at least 1000 xp before you can build it.

Ship Cost: 1 nova / ship size

About ShibaNova / Legend of Novaria:

Instagram: @ShibaNovaDEFI @LegendofNovaria
Facebook: @ShibaNovaDEFI




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